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3D Christelike Akademie het ontstaan in 2008.  Anna-Marie Visser het ektra Wiskunde klassies aangebied, aangesien sy tuis by haar dogter wou wees.  Die vraag vanaf meer kinders het ontstaan om al hulle vakke vir hulle te gee. Vandaar het 3D Christelike Akademie net gegroei en gegroei.  Elke paar jaar het ons perseel geskuif weens die uitdagings van die wettige implikasies om 'n sentrum wettig bedryf. Einde 2015 het ons uiteindelik die perfekte perseel gekry met genoeg spasie om meer kinders wettig te kon akkommodeer.


3D CHRISTIAN ACADEMY is a private Academy that is owned by Anna-Marie Visser. The Academy strives to repair the shortages of the state schools and in the process the student regains his/her ability and belief in himself/ herself. We strive to develop each individual to his/her maximum potential.


Students, especially coming from a normal Government school, struggle to work in big groups and are mostly upset about their teachers. Most of them don’t feel important and believe that nobody cares about their schoolwork. The learners then lose interest in school and spend more time doing nothing or getting into trouble. Depression, no self-respect and no respect for the parents is usually the result.


At 3D CHRISTIAN ACADEMY there is place for everyone. We strive to find the need of each pupil and learn with the pupil how to overcome obstacles. Attention is given to all subjects. The pupil will have all information available to do tasks required with adequate time and qualified teachers or tutors available to assist.

We accommodate pupils from grade 4 to 12. All subjects are allocated according to a daily roster. We believe in constant evaluation. Every week we write an Afrikaans, English or Math test. All material is corresponded on homeschooling basis. Self-study and research plays an important role in all subjects. We strive to have no more than 10 pupils per facilitator at any stage.

Homeschooling at 3D CHRISTAIN ACADEMY goes hand in hand with love, patience, and guidance from God. It is very important to us that the children experience God’s love and Greatness. Pupils experience different children and learn life skills.