Academy Classes

08:00-08:45Period 1
08:45-09:30Period 2
09:30 -10:15Period 3
10:45-11:30Period 4
11:30-12:15Period 5
12:40-13:25Period 6


Teacher Guardians for classes


GradeTeacherCell Number
Gr 8E Santjie 083 564 2203 
Gr 8AMartie083 409 4143
Gr 9Anna-Marie082 559 4747
Gr10EElsabe071 429 8023
Gr 10AAretha082 781 4303
Gr 11ENicci072 418 0546
Gr 11ACorlia072 172 1708
Gr 12EElta084 504 2205
Gr 12ASjeane071 670 1302
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Term 1 Planning 


SubjectGrade 8Grade 9Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12
 Rek / Acc  Rek / Acc Gr10 Rek / Acc Gr11 Rek / Acc Gr12
 Afr EAT Afr EAT Gr8 Afr EAT Gr9 Afr EAT Gr10 Afr EAT Gr11 Afr EAT Gr12
 Afr HT Afr HT Gr8Afr HT Gr9  Afr HT Gr10 Afr HT Gr11 Afr HT Gr12
 Business / Besig  

 Besig Gr10

Business Gr10

 Besig Gr11A

Business Gr11E

 CAT/RTT   CAT Gr10 CAT Gr11 CAT Gr12
 Consumer/ Verbruikers  

 Verbruikers Gr10

Consumer Gr10

 Verbruikers Gr11

Consumer Gr11

 Verbruikers Gr12

Consumer Gr12


IGO Gr10

EGD Gr10

 IGO Gr11

  EGD Gr11

 IGO Gr12

  EGD Gr12

 Eng FALEng Gr8 Eng Gr9  Eng Gr10 Eng Gr11 Eng Gr12
 Eng HL Eng HL Gr8 Eng HL Gr9 Eng HL Gr10 Eng HL Gr11 Eng HL Gr12
 Geography Geo Gr8  Geo Gr10  Geo Gr12
 Hist/Gesk Hist / Gesk Gr8 Hist / Gesk Gr9  Hist /Gesk Gr11 Hist / Gesk Gr12
 Eco /Eko     
 Nat/Life Science Nat/Life Science Gr8  Nat/ Life Science Gr9Nat/Life Science Gr10  Nat/Life Science Gr11 Nat/Life science Gr12

 Lewens Orientering

 Life Orientation

   LO Gr10

 LO Gr11 Afr

  LO Gr11 Eng

 LO Gr12 Afr

  LO Gr12 Eng

 Math / Wisk

 Wisk Gr8

Math Gr8

 Wisk Gr9

Math Gr9


 Wisk Gr11A

Math Gr11E

 Math Lit  

 Math Lit Gr10

Due dates

  Math Lit Gr11

Due dates

 Math Lit Gr12

Due dates

 Phys Science

Fisiese Wetenskap


 Phys Science /

Fisiese Wet Gr10

Due dates

 Phys Science / 

Fiesese Wet Gr11

Due dates

 Phys Science /

Fisiese Wet Gr12

Phys Science Extra/

Fisiese Wet Ekstra Gr12

Due dates



 Tech Gr8

Teg Gr8

 Teg Gr9   
 Tourism   Tourism Gr10

 Toerisme Gr11 

Tourism Gr11

 Toerisme Gr12

Tousrism Gr12

 Visual Arts Drama Gr8 Drama Gr9 Drama Gr10 Drama Gr11 Drama Gr12


Grade 8 - 9 Stationary Requirements for 2020

Grade 10 -12 Stationary Requirements for 2020

Subject Electives at 3D Academy

  • Accounting / Rekeningkunde
  • Business Studies / Besigheids studies
  • Computer Applications Technology 
  • Engineering Graphics and Design /Ingeneurs Grafika en Ontwerp
  • Geography / Geografie
  • History / Geskiedenis
  • Life Sciences / Lewens Wetenskap
  • Physical Sciences / Fisiese Wetenskap
  • Tourism / Toerisme
  • Consumer studies / Verbruikers studies
  • Dramatic Arts / Dramatiese kunste