2018: Discover Scuba

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2017: Scuba

IMG_0884 IMG_1015 IMG_1016 IMG_1017

Scuba diving as a career. Thanks to Lienkie from Ocean Comocean Dive Centre who presented the learning session.

2017: EGD Workshop

IMG_0843 IMG_0844 IMG_0845

Mr Jozwa teaching supplementary EGD classes, with great results in the past exams.  Enroll now for the next class at 3D Christian Academy 10 to 14 July 2017.

2017: Hospitality Students

IMG_0070 IMG_0233

2017: Tin Food Collection

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Tins were collected for the needy, as part of Bosveld Stereo 107.50's Tin Festival.  Hannes delivered the donation to Theo Conradie from Bosveld Stereo in Harties.  Thank you to everyone who contributed and participated in the project.


2016: Valentines Day

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2016: Juskei Training

Juskei 05 Juskei 06 Juskei 09 Juskei 10 Juskei 11 Juskei 12 Juskei 14 Juskei 15 Juskei 16 Juskei 17 Juskei 19 Juskei 20 Juskei 22 Juskei 25 Juskei 26 Juskei 27 Juskei 28 Juskei 29 Juskei 30 Juskei 31

2016: School Opens

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2015 Students

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Practical: August 2015

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Practical: May 2015

3d-001 3d-002 3d-020 3d-026 3d-029 3d-038 3d-055 3d-056 3d-062 3d-068 3d-074 3d-077 3d-079 3d-081 3d-082 3d-083 3d-087 3d-089 3d-092 3d-094

2013: Year End

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2013: General

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2010: General

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